WebLab CMS

WebLab CMS

Web content publishing software

WebLab CMS Web content publishing software

What you must know about WebLab CMS
WebLab Suite is a simple to use web based content management system (CMS) that allows you easily, quickly and dynamically update the content on your website giving you the power of flexibility. WebLab CMS is a compact,  high performance and feature rich content management system. WebLab comes in three different editions namely, Enterprise, Limited (LE) and Lite Edition.

General Features

  • W3C conform frontend rendering
  • Use of templates for pages, containers and menus
  • WISIWYG edition of the content (use of FCKeditor)
  • Auto-generation of new pages, containers, containersList and menus
  • Unlimited nested site structure levels
  • Support for SEO apart from the hierarchy tree the ability to edit meta tags
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Multiple CSS and javascript files per page supported
  • Multilingual sites supported
  • Multilingual administration interface
  • Installation process fast and user-friendly
  • RSS feed so readers can keep up on latest entries
  • PHP scripting language (PHP 4.0 and up compatible)
  • MySQL database backend (MySQL 4.0 and up compatible)
  • Google Analytics integration/management
  • Social Network Integration

Content management

  • User defined content types (illimited)
  • Content types composed of content parts (see above)
  • Contents grouped into Containers
  • Containers can be grouped into ContainersLists
  • Illimited number of Containers or ContainersList by page
  • Specific Containers for page categorization (Menus)
  • Illimited templates can be defined for each content type
  • Containers can be set to display a limited number of content items
  • Content items within a Container can be sorted on any available field
  • Containers can be cloned (new Container with the same content list)


  • Users and groups management (ability to create, modify and remove users, groups and memberships)
  • Privileges (edit / view / admin / remove / publish) can be granted or denied for every user or group


  • Each element (content, container, containersLists, menus, pages) must be published before it is shown to the visitors of the website
  • Only allowed users may publish elements
  • User-defined default publication state (if new elements are published or not).

Templates management

  • Unlimited number of user-defined templates
  • Custom taglib for page templates
  • Automatic translation of the contents into xml code
  • Use of xsl for the content templates