Our Value

Our Value

There are several advantages and benefits that our clients receive when they decide to outsource their projects to Techcity. Apart from the fact that Techcity brings a unique mix of credentials, expertise and technical knowledge to the table, the offering is further made attractive by the ATTITUDE of Techcity’s personal and their unflagging commitment to “Customer Delight”.

Turnkey Solution Provider

We are an end-to-end IT solutions provider offering a range of services such as
consulting, software application development, IT infrastructure set, Trainings, Education Delivery and data capturing and complete facility management.

Access to Technical Competence

Techcity is currently operating in two regions in Ghana and has access to a huge pool of
human talent on almost all prevalent technologies. This is a major advantage for our clients since they can choose from a wide variety of technologies and Techcity can serve them all.

Access to Domain Expertise

Our philosophy of allocating domain/industry experts to every project has proved to be
one which has resulted in significant improvements in the software we have developed and have added to the value we have imparted to our clients through our delivery.


Our financial stability gives us the confidence to take up large assignments and make
project related capital expenditure. This ensures that projects do not get delayed or dropped due to lack of working capital.

Project Scalability

Our Organization’s delivery model and infrastructure permit projects to be scalable,
rapid ramp up capabilities ensure that project timelines are met without over runs.


Techcity follows processes conforming to all international accredited standards
adhere to quality. The advantages of using the prescribed standards are that the delivery processes be optimized.